Having established that a ‘custom tab’ landing page can significantly improve the appeal of your Business Facebook Page, and increase your ‘Likes’ and potential engagement, consider other uses of custom tabs to enhance your Facebook presence:

Example of Facebook Custom TabsThe sky really is the limit when it comes to how you can use Facebook custom tabs to attract and engage with your fans and followers. With the recent addition of E-commerce capability for Facebook pages, and the continually growing community of Facebook users, some businesses are utilising Facebook as their platform of choice; even above and beyond their company website.

As with all online endeavours, it’s important to work out what you want to achieve with your activity, and what measurable outcomes (in this case, number of ‘likes’, interactions within Facebook, or leads generated for example) are relevant.

Below are just a few examples of effective uses of Facebook Custom Tabs:

Lead Generation:

Just as you have a sign up form on your website, to ensure you can keep in touch with those who visit the site, and ethically add to your marketing database, so too use Facebook to capture visitors’ details and add to your mailing list.

If you don’t have a sign up form and autoresponder on your landing page, utilise a custom tab and integrate with your chosen mail system (like Aweber or MailChimp) to give visitors a compelling reason to let you stay in touch, and making it easy for them to submit their details. Of course, capturing details is only the start of your ongoing relationship with your visitors… but email campaigns and further relationship marketing are beyond the remit of this short article.


As well as a sign up form, consider a contact form and contact details on one of your tabs. The ‘info’ section of your standard Facebook page contains contact details, but using a discrete tab allows you to make it more obvious and even easier for visitors to contact you via your preferred methods.

Hints & Tips:

As well as your Facebook Wall, where you can post interesting and useful dynamic content, custom tabs offer a great place to inform, educate and entertain your visitors. How about creating a tab full of some of your best hints and tips relevant to your field – a good way to provide value content for your visitors; demonstrating your expertise and attracting individuals to find out more about you.

Other ‘Free Stuff’:

In addition to the incentive you offer on your landing page, to ‘like’ your page, you can use custom tabs to offer other information products or discounts to your Facebook Community. These can either be simple ‘gifts’ to your loyal fans, or you can use these as incentives to sign up to specific newsletters, trial a new product or give feedback on one of your services.


Got endorsements from happy customers? Already have a thriving Facebook community with members who’d be happy to write nice, enticing things about your work? Use a custom tab!

Videos / Blog / About:

Although you have the facility to utilise the built in pages for your favourite and promotional videos, the ‘notes’ facility for a Facebook ‘blog’, and the ‘info’ section to include relevant and informative details of your company, using individual custom tabs for these additions gives you greater control over design and content and presentation of your offerings. See how interesting and compelling you can make your Facebook presence!

What innovative uses have you found most effective for your own Custom Facebook Tabs?